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Balance Gait Training Therapy
29th Jul


Balance Gait Training Therapy

Balance gait training involves helping patients regain their balance and helping them walk properly again.

Balance gait training is beneficial in many situations; for example it can help prevent falls among older patients, or allow accident victims to regain their sense of independence.
For those with artificial limbs, balance gait training helps them adapt to their new appendages. And most importantly, it serves as a form of cardiovascular exercise that will improve fitness and lead to better quality of life.
Balance gait training allows patients of all ages and in all situations to develop their muscle strength and adjust their posture, making them more comfortable and mobile.

Our Physical Therapists are balance gait training specialists that work with patients who have either lost or not developed their mobility.

This form of training is useful for patients of all ages and with a number of physical therapy needs particularly for those suffering brain or spinal injuries, resulting in loss of mobility due to accidents or as a result of old age.
For those patients born with congenital conditions that interfere with their movement.

Though balance gait training is often challenging for patients when they begin their regimens, the stability and exercise it provides will benefit patients immensely.
Patients begin working closely with our physical therapists, this interaction is highly beneficial as it develops a bond which usually speeds the treatment and lasts forever.
After a few sessions our therapists evaluate the progress and adjust the program to obtain maximum benefits. Training might include treadmill and strength training.
Above all, balance gait training is an excellent way to build mental and physical strength, and can help any patient achieve independence.
It is pursued in many different ways, and the intensity of the therapy will vary with each individual.
However, all forms of balance gait training increase mobility, balance, and muscle strength.
Miami Physical Therapy Center - Balance Gait Training Therapy

At Touch of Health Rehab we pride ourselves in the high success rate being the product of our ongoing training.
Therapy should often begin shortly after an injury occurs, or in the case of elderly patients, preemptively to help them lower the risk of falling or becoming immobile.
Some infants with muscle or balance disorders benefit tremendously if they begin balance gait training before they are even able to walk.
Ultimately, balance gait training helps our physical therapy patients adjust to challenging situations, increase their autonomy and rejoin the workforce as soon as possible.
Our physical therapy patients live normally and thrive after going through balance gait treatment therapy no matter what their mobility challenges might have been when they first came to us.
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